Professional Service and Supreme Award Winners 2019 - Wellington Region Business Award

About Our Team

We have over 50 professional and experienced staff, based in our two offices in Lower Hutt and Kāpiti. We pride ourselves on our reputation for high-quality, competitively-priced work, and excellent customer service. We’re passionate about the work we do and our high quality standards. We give good, honest advice on land development projects, based on our extensive experience.

Colin McElwain – Director
(BSurv, MNZIS)
Registered Professional Surveyor
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Colin has over 25 years’ experience as a registered surveyor. He works on a wide range of projects, and has particular expertise in cadastral surveying and subdivision design. Colin has worked at Cuttriss since 1985, and has been a Director since 1998. He is based at the Lower Hutt office.


Phone: (04) 920 2972

Nicola Todd – Director
(BSurv (Hons), MNZIS, CSNZ)
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Nicola has over 10 years’ experience as a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. She has expertise in project management, small- to large-scale urban and rural subdivisions, cross lease surveys and engineering-related surveys. Nicola has worked at Cuttriss since 2005, and has been a Director since 2007. She is based in both the Kapiti & Lower Hutt offices.

Phone: (04) 904 4647 | m.  +64 21 221 1978

Neil Johnstone – Director
(BE (Civil), NZCE (Civil), MIPENZ)
Chartered Professional Engineer

Neil is a chartered professional engineer at Cuttriss. He has over 20 years’ experience in civil engineering, including national and international work experience. He manages a wide range of civil engineering projects, and consults on a range of infrastructure projects for the local council. Neil has been a Director at Cuttriss since 2007. He is based at the Kapiti office.

Phone: (04) 904 4646

Nick Taylor – Director
(BSurv / Distinction, MNZIS)
 Registered Professional Surveyor

Nick is a  Registered Professional Surveyor , and re-joined Cuttriss in 2015 after working overseas. His wide range of work includes land transfer surveys, project management and subdivisional engineering design.


Nick manages a variety of projects, including subdivisions. He is based at the Kapiti office.

Phone: (04) 282 1501

Brett Horne – Associate
(BSurv, MNZIS)
Senior Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Brett is a senior surveyor at Cuttriss. His work includes small to large scale urban and rural land transfer surveys, and easement, topographical and rentable area surveys.

Brett graduated from Otago University in 2001, and has over 10 years’ experience in the Wellington region. He is based at the Lower Hutt office.

Phone: (04) 939 9245

Rob Holmes – Associate
(NZDE (Civil))
Senior Civil Engineer

Rob specialises in 12d computer-based civil design and contract management for land development and infrastructure projects. Rob has over 12 years’ experience in civil design and project management. He started working at Cuttriss in 2001, gaining his NZDE qualification in 2003. Rob also has international experience, having worked as a project engineer for a London civil design consultancy from 2007–2010.

Phone: (04) 939 9245

Kris Gough – Associate
(BSurv, MNZIS)
Senior Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Kris’s work includes small- to large-scale urban and rural subdivisions, topographical surveys, and setting out of construction works. After graduating from Otago University in 2001, Kris has worked for Cuttriss, as well as two years in the UK as a senior surveyor. He is based at the Lower Hutt office.


Phone: (04) 939 9245

John Macfarlane
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

John has been at Cuttriss since 2016 & is involved in a wide range of work including drone surveys, land transfer surveys, construction set-out, topographical surveys, subdivision engineering design and manages a variety of survey projects. He has over 10 years’ experience working as a surveyor in New Zealand and overseas.

Phone:  (04) 550 5709

Fiona Robertson
(BSurv, (Hons), MNZIS)
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Fiona joined Cuttriss in 2011. She is involved in a broad range of projects, including project management, land transfer surveys, engineering design, cross lease updates and easement surveys. Fiona manages subdivisions, and a range of other projects, from start to finish. She is based at the Hutt office.

Phone: (04) 939 945

Scott Turkington

Scott is a Surveyor who has been at Cuttriss since 2007. Scott heads up our drone survey team and he is involved in a wide range of work including topographical surveys, boundary marking surveys and construction/building set-out. He is based in the Kapiti office. .



Phone: (04) 902 5930

Sheryl Barker
(NZCE (Civil))
Senior Civil Engineer

Sheryl is a senior civil engineer at Cuttriss. She is a experienced drainage engineer who has worked in the Wellington region for over 25 years, predominantly with Wellington City’s stormwater and wastewater networks.  She has a strong understanding of council’s standards, consenting requirements and engineering design to draw upon in order to achieve the best solutions. She is based at the Hutt office.

Phone: (04) 550 8072

Elliott Thornton
(BUrbEnvPlan, MNZPI)
Principal Planner

Elliott is a Principal Planner at Cuttriss with over 15 years resource management and planning experience across both public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Elliott has worked on a wide range of award-winning projects varying in size, complexity, and budget.  

Elliott currently oversees the planning functions at Cuttriss. He has a strong focus on building relationships with stakeholders and team development. He is based in our Hutt office

Phone: 021 449 053

We are proud members of the following organisations


Ashleigh Wharam - Senior Planner

Emma McLean - Senior Planner

Hanno van Helsdingen – Planner

Marc Zablotny - Planner

Max Turver – Planner

Oliver Clausen – Planner


Alastair Dickens – Civil Engineer

Chris Barber – Civil Engineer

Codey Kerr – Cad Operator

Conor Beleski – Cad Operator

Jacqueline Ollivier – CAD Operator

Jonathan de Asis - CAD Operator

Jonathan Wu – Civil Engineer

Josh Goodman – Trainee Engineer

Kieran Liddicoat – Civil Engineer

Mitali Mistry – Civil Engineer

Naomi Hough – Civil Engineer

Sam Godwin – Civil Engineer

Stratos Efstratiou – Civil Engineer


Amelia Kirisome – Graduate Surveyor

Angus Morton – Surveyor

Bede Mackle - Survey Technician

Ben Negus – Trainee Surveyor

Dominic Scahill – Surveyor

Finley Deller – Surveyor

Finn Landacre – Trainee Surveyor

Jack Mawdesley - Surveyor

Jeff Macphail - Survey Technician

Libby Antunovic – Surveyor

Marco Subtil – Trainee Surveyor

Rhiannon Evans – Surveyor

Robbie Columbus – Surveyor

Ryan McNie – Surveyor

Shaun Smart - Surveyor

Tom Schrader –Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Tyrone Hall - Surveyor

Scott Oldham – Trainee Surveyor

Steph Roberts – Trainee Surveyor

Will Gregory – Trainee Surveyor


Jan Bell – Office Manager

Liz Morgan – Landscape Designer / Kapiti Reception

Lynette Chin - People and Culture Lead

Rosie Bignall – Hutt reception

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